Friday, February 11, 2011

The Tale Of The 300 Threads

Dear You:

I don’t know how to begin this letter without wasting your invaluable time because, of late, I’ve been a nobody’s fool at atrophying someone’s energy.

I’ve got half the mind to impulsively send you many replies I mentally phrased while I scrambled on my keyboard doing one of my everyday objectives: incorporating creativity and substance between sentences to constitute infrastructures that eventually become the pillars of essays, press releases, feature stories, e-books, reviews, and content articles for somebody’s or something’s credits.

And the other half to convince myself to stop liking you.

Many times did I find myself editing my works because my fingers were typing what my mind chimes in response to your message rather than what I ought to opine to complete the thought of my piece, from which I milk for a living.

I was honestly caught off-guard with your message not because I don’t receive messages on FaceBook too. But because your message came by surprise.

If there should be a person to apologize, that must be me. I am sorry that it took me this while to compose you an apology epistle. Abashment took over me. What you wrote on my declaration on AP’s wall was a wakeup call for me:

That wall proffers an avenue for AP crowd members, whether haters, lovers, or neutrals of its mission and purpose. It should not in any way be employed to express emotions, invidiousness or adulation. Even love.

My behavior could qualify for a nuisance.

I am uncertain you have read the more than 300 threads of comments that preceded my pronouncement, of which you were one of the tags. If not, please allow me to explicate how that happened.

It all began in you.

Previously there was a post on AP about the intellectuals in the country. You asserted there were only 209 to that date. I countered. But then your comment referring to the number of intellectuals lingers on my mind and when I saw another member added by EB, I refrained from keeping silent. My fingers then were very eager. And so was my mind. I wrote:

This makes 210 if I were to quote IP. ^^

What followed was totally unexpected. The contents of the threads were a blend of senseless and senseful opinions of ranging topics until you were the center of it. Believe me, I didn’t have the slightest notion that somebody would respond, much less prolongate it for after all, there was no proper precedent. I merely remarked having a new member.

But yes, I should not blame you. Well, I’m not blaming you. I am placing the blame on me. The thread must not be a ground for another statement. That was the mistake. It should stand alone until it dies a natural death.

Looking back, I realized two things from the 300 threads, nonetheless.

One, my post about you[r mind being beautiful and sexy] was not the first on AP’s wall. Another member, EB, had been writing on AP’s wall about you all along. And who knows maybe more members also did the same before I joined the crowd.

Two, personally, I would say any posts about you had been prolific. The 300 threads only betoken one thing:

Your name alone can launch stirrings among the crowd’s members, trolls and intellectuals alike.

Now having said all these, I really am at a loss for words on how to conclude my note without you hating me, especially if I would say:

I still like you.

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