Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why should there be a Student Publication?

It all began in writing out one’s thought that makes others be conscious of their environment. Whether the issue is socio-political or cultural, journalism provides voice to the neglected.

In a large scale, the community is educated by the information that a page of a certain publication contains. For example, others may find it mundane to memorialize national events such as the EDSA Revolutions, for after all, the country succeeded in ousting an executive leader, or failed.

However, by analyzing how the public gained an advantage from marches that seem to go on forever, we are reminded of the power of expression and its effect.Such knowledge can be obtained from reading the publications.

Or on a larger scale, wars in the east are of little effect on us because we are not a participant to that battle.Little do some people know that our country can be affected in all aspects by just one decision of our Government. But how do they know about it if not through the paper and ink that answer the H and 4 Ws?

Where does education start? How do we begin digesting information that would make us better persons? Should publications exist only outside the campuses? Are students equipped with the right tools to face the world after graduation by obtaining 1.0 average?

People from National Publications are seasoned writers who started from journalism works that their respective Alma Mater find it imperative to have. Student Publications are not only a training ground for the application of Communication Arts, mechanism and technical skills, they also serve as a tool to advocate awareness and expressions.

Deliverance of Important news event is not only its primary function; student publications exist to advance student’s rights and responsibilities and promote their general welfare.

Having a publication as a school’s arm for information does not just produce bunch of writers and reporters, student journalism also features creative works in the form of poetry, short stories and stage plays most of which gained fame and awards.

In some cases, reading school papers can be a very effective way of choosing the right leader to represent the student body, and become a person-for- and- for-others.

Killing a student paper or closing it down is a curtailment of student’s development as a whole.