Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Philippine's Con-Asses

I personally acknowledge that for a law to be efficient it must be able to address the needs of the people whether immediate or indirect. Also, I believe that not every law can survive the varying needs of people and time. If a law becomes inefficient, it needs to be changed.

While it holds true that many countries have successfully amended, altered or replaced old laws or provisions from their system of laws, to have the same political activity in a country in whose culture corruption has long been embedded, the results could be severe turmoil.

Perhaps, some politicians are sincere in helping us-- the poor, the oppressed, the neglected-- however, most of them have ulterior motive.

While almost Solon is busy fattening their wallet as one of the privileges in being an incumbent, millions of children die of hunger and pestilences.

While they are proud to showcase their prowess in initiating debates and counter-arguments, millions have died because they cannot afford the health care services in their own community.

While politicians enjoy the luxuries in life and at their offices, the frail bodies of Juan, Pedro and Maria along with Basilio, Crispin and Sisa found shelter at the outskirts, under the bridge, on the cold concrete or at the sidewalks.

Politicians can afford to send their family abroad for a vacation. They even send their children to the foreign universities for further enhancement. What about Crispin and Basilio? Fortunate would they be to graduate from elementary.

They say that Con-ass gives betterment to people's lives. I say, they seek to strengthen their power and riches. They call to effect change via con-ass, I think they want to perpetuate their political positions.

So I resolve, that until honesty is their intention, con-ass can not bring forth changes to improve the quality of life and health of Filipinos.